Giant Sea Elephant Emerges From The Ocean In Iceland

Giant Sea Elephant Emerges From The Ocean In Iceland

10 Eylül 2022

This basalt rock formation on the island of Heimaey in Southern Iceland looks just like a giant elephant or wooly mammoth dipping its trunk into the sea.

Heimaey is the largest island in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, which is a geologically young set of islands formed by volcanoes. Eldfell, a volcano on Heimaey, erupted in 1973, prompting locals to pump cold seawater onto the resulting lava flows in a successful attempt to redirect it from their harbor. The elephant rock on the beautiful beaches of this island that attracts visitors is also formed from the volcanic basalt found everywhere on this island. Check the wonderful creation of our amazing nature below!

More info: (h/t: colossal)

Image credits: shaefierce

Image credits: Diego Delso

Image credits: Julian Martin


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